Venari Group is the UK’s leading manufacturer of emergency vehicles with over 124,000sq ft, of manufacturing space across 2 yorkshire-based sites and employing over 120 people.

We Are Venari


Venari Group encapsulates two main, world-class specialist divisions;

Our ambulance production division, under the ‘O&H Vehicle Technology’ brand – based in Goole, East Yorkshire – is the UK’s oldest and largest ambulance factory comfortably boasting the UK’s most experienced team of ambulance builders.

Venari’s firefighting division, based at our headquarters in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, is the largest firefighting vehicle factory in England which also boasts some of the industry’s most experienced firefighting vehicle builders together with the next generation of mechanical and electrical production and design engineers.

2 sites located
across the UK


Located in West Yorkshire, our 60,000 sq ft site is Venari HQ and home to our firefighting division. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as CNC machines, 3D printers for rapid prototyping, and laser cutters, as well as the next generation of mechanical and electrical production and design engineers.


Located in East Yorkshire, our 64,000 sq ft site is home to our ambulance and healthcare division - the largest and oldest in the UK. Dedicated production lines, QC inspection areas, and unrivaled servicing has placed us firmly at the forefront of UK ambulance manufacturing.

By Obsession.

Our team of production staff, engineers and administrative support departments all work towards a higher purpose: “What we do today, saves lives tomorrow”.

This is more than just a strapline. We know that with every screw we turn, every blue light we fit and every vehicle we subsequently deliver to be placed on the run, will ultimately be used every day by our front line heroes with a view to saving lives.

We are also proud distributors and partners with Ziegler Group.

Management Team

Oliver North

Deputy Chairman

Mark Brickhill

Managing Director

James Houston

Finance Director

Mark Gresty

Chief of Staff

Aaron Francis

Head of Marketing

Bernadette Culkin

Key Accounts Manager

John Purdy

Firefighting Sales Manager

Stephen Curley

Factory Manager - Google

Joe Moran

Factory Manager - Brighouse

Driven To Serve

Why Venari?

Why Venari?

2 Sites In The United Kingdom
As the biggest emergency vehicle manufacturer in the UK, we proudly build emergency vehicles over two sites totalling 124,000 sq ft. In 2022, we will build and supply over 1,000 vehicles and towards the end of 2022, our two sites become three when our new factory on the Ford Dagenham site is commissioned.

UK’s most passionate team
Venari Group is a family, a peerless team of individuals who know that what we do today, saves lives tomorrow. Currently standing at 140 members, our team continues to grow as we look to innovate and lead in the manufacturing of Emergency Service Vehicles and Equipment.

Putting our environment first
As the only British manufacturer in the ambulance industry to hold ISO14001, we manufacture ambulances and firefighting vehicles whilst constantly and consistently making huge strides forward in environmental sustainability.

Economic champions
What we both manufacture and distribute always maintains economic benefits to the UK economy. Growing employment, creating new opportunity and insisting on use of local suppliers always lies at the heart of our daily business.

Quality, quality, quality
Our conformity to ISO9001 and ISO14001 ensures we drive quality and positive environmental practices into daily life, but our insistence on maintaining perfect standards ensures we keep driving forward.

At Venari, teamwork and camaraderie ALWAYS come first. Integrity as the nucleus of every business decision drives customer trust, appreciation and satisfaction.

Proudly Supporting our Armed Forces


The Armed Forces Covenant is an agreement between the armed forces community, UK Government, and the nation. It is a pledge that no military personnel, including their family, who have served or continue to serve are left at a disadvantage.

Venari stands with our armed forces, with several retired military personnel now working within the group. We continually look to uphold this responsibility, and ensure all service personnel and their families have a fair opportunity.