Extended Ford Venari emergency vehicle line-up unveiled at Emergency Services Show 2022

The latest phase of innovation in emergency vehicle technology between Ford and Venari has been launched at the Emergency Services Show today, 21st September 2022, at the NEC in Birmingham.

Following 2021’s launch of the Ford Venari ‘Siren’ – the next generation lightweight, connected ambulance – Venari Group has unveiled another two Ford-based front line emergency response vehicles alongside the all-new Ford Venari patient transport vehicle.

The now four-strong Ford Venari line-up will be displayed on the Venari stand, B40.

Investment and subsequent development into the new range of technologically advanced vehicles highlights Venari’s continued strength in its official alliance with Ford, which was created during the height of the pandemic in 2020.

Venari Group’s CEO, Oliver North, commented on the launches: “This year’s Emergency Services Show will highlight precisely where Venari are heading as an emergency vehicle manufacturer in terms of relevance, developmental capability and quality, underpinned clearly by a passion for innovative manufacturing.

“In an ever-evolving industry in terms of front-line user challenges, alongside global supply chain hurdles, I truly believe manufacturers must come to the table with comprehensive solutions to answer the questions asked of us by our world-class emergency services. We’ve done precisely that across multiple vehicle disciplines together with our incredible alliance partners, Ford.

“I couldn’t be prouder of what the team have produced in only 12 months alongside a demandingly full order book, and all without an ounce of compromise in build quality – which I truly believe is the best in the industry by some distance.”

The first operational vehicle unveiled is the Ford Venari ‘Rapid Response Firefighting Unit’:

Exterior of the 5-tonne Ford Transit double chassis cab, capable of carrying up to five firefighters – the new Venari rapid response firefighting unit (RRFU) emergency vehicle
Ford Venari ‘Rapid Response Firefighting Unit

Rapid Response Firefighting Unit

Based on a 5-tonne Ford Transit double chassis cab, capable of carrying up to five firefighters – the new Venari rapid response firefighting unit (RRFU) demonstrator boasts a sophisticated and robust, yet lightweight, aluminium body; maximising equipment carrying capability to a previously unseen capacity in conjunction with a 600-litre water tank – capable of being increased up to 1,200 litres or according to specific fire and rescue service requirements.

An internal ladder stowage system ensures the vehicle maintains the lowest possible centre of gravity whilst lightweight and ergonomic equipment stowage systems provide a platform for maximum firefighter efficiency at an incident.

Drone Response Unit

The Ford Venari ‘Drone Response Unit’, based on a Ford Ranger chassis, is the second operational unit unveiled at this year’s ESS:

The Ford Venari ‘Drone Response Unit’, based on a Ford Ranger chassis, is the second operational unit unveiled at this year’s ESS
The Ford Venari ‘Drone Response Unit’

Alongside ever evolving response tactics and techniques, a specific drone response unit has been created to allow for increased reactivity and efficiency for emergency drone crews operating in firefighting and police organisations, amongst others.

Boasting a fleet of drones fully connected to the vehicle’s systems, drone detection technology, a weather station, a lithium powered invertor, temperature-controlled battery charging and storage compartments, touch screen operations area, night vision lighting, a 42-inch monitor and operator welfare facilities, the Ford Venari DRU is expected to be the head turner of this year’s ESS.

Heliguy’s Training and Counter-Drone Development Manager, Ben Shirley explained: “The DRU has been specifically configured considering the most efficient method of deploying drones, whilst facilitating a plethora of additional operational requirements.

“A bespoke ready-to-fly mechanism means that the UAS remains fully assembled, ready to deploy immediately, saving valuable time for emergency service organisations benefiting from the use of drone technology. Every aspect of Emergency Service Drone operations has been considered and the multi-role vehicle is hugely beneficial for pre-planned and hasty operations, with enduring capabilities.

“Venari have turned our comprehensive concept into a reality, far exceeding expectations and seamlessly integrating innovative technologies to compliment the deployment of drones.”

Patient Transport Service

The new Transit patient transport vehicles have, this year, attracted orders for over 600 units with many more in the pipeline.

NEC emergency Services Show line-up - Venari Ford

Refined ergonomics, increased durability and a productionised design will see Venari produce around 15 PTS units per week, every week, in the coming two years at least, and with the first Ford E-Transit patient transport vehicles now in build, the Ford Venari Alliance now boasts an affordable but game-changing electrified PTS vehicle with unrivalled emission-free performance.

Venari Group’s team now look forward to welcoming current, future and prospective customers from our world-class emergency services onto the Venari stand, B40. For non-Emergency Services Show enquiries, please contact us via our contact form on or emailed to

The Venari emergency vehicles on the stand at ESS