Oliver North and Graham Hoare interviewed by EST

Venari recently announced a partnership with Ford UK to manufacture a state of the art ambulance in the UK. Emergency Services Times gained an interview with Venari CEO Oliver North and Ford UK Chairman, Graham Hoare.

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Ford was a strong player in the UK ambulance business in the 1980s, ‘90s and early 2000s. What prompted you to return to the market?

Dr Graham Hoare OBE (GH): Ford was a partner in last year’s Ventilator Challenge project. That was an injection in the arm as it were; it showed us how to operate together in an incredibly agile way, while also making us realise just how adored the emergency services are in Britain. I was honoured to work with the NHS to deliver those ventilators and I wanted to create the equivalent of that within the ambulance sector, working with Oliver and his team.

Venari and Ford interviewed by EST