Venari Group drives comprehensive improvements into O&H

As an essential supplier to the UK’s incredible emergency services throughout this hugely-demanding period, we recently consolidated all production throughout the group – including that of O&H Vehicle Technology – to our 60,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Brighouse.

It goes without saying, that the past quarter has been the most challenging period for the global economy in modern times.

Manufacturers have had to react to these additional challenges. In the case of Venari, not only does that mean amending production and increasing staff safety – amidst supply chain constraints – it has also meant stepping up and improving production.

Within the emergency services sector, many have had to close their doors, with fewer production facilities able to support those on the front line – meaning that we have maintained a consistent stream of manufacturing.

We have also used the opportunity to simultaneously drive improvements into every aspect of O&H’s production processes, whilst continuing to evolve preparation for serial fire truck production.


Venari Group CEO, Oliver North, explained: “From the first day of lockdown, the challenging landscape in front of us was very visible. The team and I had an intense but very passionate session where we agreed ‘to come out of the storm cloud stronger than what we entered it’. That was our number one target. We knew we were one of very few emergency vehicle builders to remain open which added to the feeling of operating on a wartime footing. But, after working with many of the Venari team for over 12 years, I had no doubt we would pull together for the benefit of the whole company.

“Our deliveries had to be maintained as most of our vehicles were being used to transport COVID patients. But instead of merely maintaining production of our daughter company O&H Vehicle Technology from HQ – as well as fulfilling Venari’s fire service obligations – we have driven a level of absolute quality and efficiency which has never been achieved in O&H’s 32-year history.

“O&H will emerge stronger than it has ever been, which is testament to this amazing team.”

Venari equipment investment
New machinery investments have increased self-sufficiency for Venari’s ambulance division – O&H Vehicle Technology

Venari Group technical director, Wes Linton, added: “Alongside improvements in build processes, we have bolstered the team with newly formed roles in electrical and in-house CNC manufacturing capability, to go with our new machinery purchases. After almost two decades in the industry, I’ve never seen quality to this impeccable standard. And by building more efficiently, we in-turn drive value for money for our customers and the tax payer.

“As a British manufacturer of emergency vehicles, we all share the same passion and pride for British manufacturing. With the UK economy shrinking by 20% in April it is clear that the importance and significance of what we do – as with all UK manufacturers – is no longer merely a ‘nice to have’, but absolutely essential for economic recovery. We must do our bit to prove to our NHS customers that they do not need to import ambulances anymore, and by doing so, we will continue to grow our team by employing and teaching the next generation.”

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