Venari Group and Rotec Engineering launch ground-breaking EV firefighting technology

The Ford Vanquish, Venari's all new EV lithium-ion batteries firefighting vehicle, with all the back doors open exposing the Rotec pump and accompanying accessories.

British manufacturers Venari Group and Rotec Engineering have proudly announced their official alliance and will unveil their new co-branded EV firefighting vehicle with lithium ion extinguishing technology – the Vanquish – at the International Fire Training Centre, Teeside, in February 2023.

West Yorkshire-based emergency vehicle manufacturer, Venari, has, in recent years, pivoted to engineer and manufacture countless vehicle solutions in response to increasing challenges on the front lines around the world. Most notably, Venari manufactured armoured battlefield ambulances for Ukraine on a large scale in 2022, engineered and supplied over 200 Covid test centres around the UK throughout the years before and will soon deliver the first operational hybrid air crash truck – the most technologically advanced vehicle of its type – to Cranfield Airport, all amongst hundreds of NHS ambulances and firefighting vehicles.

Evesham-based Rotec Engineering has a strong history in developing innovative products and processes, manufactured solely from within the UK, including firefighting extinguishing technology for military and aerospace applications. This sits alongside Rotec’s core strength,  its advanced manufacturing centre dedicated to 5-axis CNC , automation and sliding head technology.

With a rapid increase in the use of lithium ion batteries, particularly in electric vehicles (EVs), fire and rescue services, globally, have continued to look for solutions capable of supressing EV fires. Rotec and Venari have subsequently gathered their resource and expertise to create the answer to the global challenge of EV firefighting.

The Ford Vanquish EV firefighting vehicle side exterior.

Throughout 2022, Rotec and Venari engineered, manufactured and tested the new ground-breaking technology, capable of providing an unrivalled solution to fire services. The resulting product – the Vanquish – will be demonstrated to senior firefighters from fire and rescue services (FRS’) throughout the UK, at the International Fire Training Centre in February 2023.

Capable of being mounted on small, agile pick-up size chassis’, or retrofittable into existing large vehicles in an FRS fleet, the Vanquish is set to become an essential tool in the ever evolving ‘toolbox’ of a fire and rescue service.

The new system expels a specific media, which will be explained and unveiled at February’s launch, at the perfect droplet size which in-turn seals and supresses the burning lithium ion.

Venari Group CEO Oliver North.

Venari Group CEO, Oliver North, commented: “For years we have searched for an efficient solution to present to our firefighters in lithium ion firefighting. Working with the brilliant Rotec Engineering team alongside our own world-class team at Venari, we have fused together two very capable and passionate manufacturers for the good of innovation – and we can’t wait to demonstrate it to the industry.”

Rotec Engineering MD, Paul Butler, added: “We are very excited to join forces with Venari on this project. The synergy between our two companies is clear , working together we have the answer to growing concern for which we are proud to offer a solution. We are always focused on providing innovative and robust solutions, and the partnership with the Venari team will ensure this is delivered to the highest possible standard.”

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Ford Vanquish in action during a demonstration of its EV firefighting capabilities.
The Vanquish efficiently extinguishes a lithium ion fire at IFTC, February 2023