Light, dark, rain or shine, whatever the circumstances – Venari provide an extensive range of specialist lighting equipment for any situation.


Vantage 180 X

The versatile Vantage 180 X is three lights in one! It’s a helmet mounted light for hands-free tasks, a right-angle light that can attach to your turnout gear, and a handheld flashlight. So, wear it, hold it, clip it, or even hang it. With multi-fuel innovation, it accepts either (2) CR123A lithium batteries or (1) Streamlight SL-B26 protected Li-Ion battery pack, so you’ll always have a light when you need it.

  • 170-meter beam on High mode
  • Water Penetration Rating – IPX7 – Waterproof to 1 meter & 30 minutes
  • Fits both modern and traditional style helmets, either above or below the brim
  • Battery Size- CR123A
  • Battery Type – Lithium Primary
  • Tough, impact resistant nylon construction
  • 250 Lumens (High), 100 Lumens (Low)
  • 7200 Candela (High), 2650 Candela (Low)
  • Runtime – 4 Hrs (High), 12 Hrs (Low)
  • Colour – Orange
  •  Also available in USB form

Bandit Pro

Sleek and super bright headlamp, good for tasks at arm’s length. Produces even light with less shadow than spot beams. Extended runtime on both High and Low mode. It’s USB rechargeable so you always have a beam when you need it.

  • Runtime – 4.5 Hrs (High), 21 Hrs (Low)
  • 180 Lumens (High), 35 Lumens (Low)
  • Lightweight at 1.6 ounces
  •  USB rechargeable – charges in approximately 3.5 hours
  •  IPX4 weather resistant and 2-meter impact resistance tested
  •  Battery Size – Proprietary
  •  Battery Type – Lithium Polymer
  •  Colour – Yellow

Vulcan Clutch

The multi-functioning Vulcan Clutch Rechargeable Lantern is designed to burn brighter and run longer. This rechargeable, waterproof lantern features a clamping handle and swivel neck with an articulated head to allow you to direct the light where you need it. Three LEDs bring you extreme brightness along with two blue taillight LEDs for visibility in thick smoke.

  • Runtime – 6.5 Hrs (High), 18 Hrs (Low)
  • 1700 lumens and 520m beam on High
  • Fully recharges in 5 hours with battery status indicator
  • Battery size – Proprietary
  • Battery type – Lithium Ion
  • Water Penetration Rating – IP67
  • Rechargeable
  • 67500 Candela (High), 15000 Candela (Low)
  • Lumen Levels – 1700 Lumens (High), 380 Lumens (Low)
  • Colour – Yellow, Orange


Inspect, identify and repair with the multi-function BearTrap®. High power with big performance. It produces bright white light in both spot and flood modes. Go hands-free – it clamps virtually anywhere or stands on its own, allowing you to illuminate hard-to-reach spaces like under the dash; also features a magnetic base and stowable hook.

  • Runtime – 2.5 Hrs (High), 5 Hrs (Med), 8.75 Hrs (Low)
  •  2000 Lumens (High), 1000 Lumens (Med), 575 Lumens (Low)
  •  Battery Size – Proprietary
  •  Battery Type – Lithium Ion
  •  IPX4 water resistant; 1m impact resistance tested
  •  Hands-free applications: Clamps virtually anywhere, Magnetic base & hang hook
  •  Chemical resistant
  •  Multi-function push-button switch with battery life indicator
  •  Rechargeable
  •  Colour – Black/Red

Stylus Pro

A sleek penlight that conveniently fits in your pocket. Ideal for anyone that needs a handy and durable light to carry on a daily basis. Ideal for industrial and automotive professionals. Accepts AAA alkaline batteries. Now shining brighter at 100 lumens!

  • Handy push button tail switch
  • Fits in your pocket and includes a pocket clip
  • 100 lumens and 8 hours of runtime
  • 62-meter beam
  • IPX4 water resistant
  • Battery type – Alkaline
  • Battery Size – AAA
  • 950 Candela (High), 73 Candela (Low)
  • Compact 5.3 inches and durable aluminum construction
  • Flashlight strobes when fresh batteries are needed
  • Colour – Black
  • Also available in USB form

Poly Tac 90X

Versatile, rugged and super bright, the multi-fuel PolyTac 90 X is built with the rigors of the job in mind. Durable construction plus a switch with built in battery life indicator will let you know when it is time to recharge or replace the batteries giving you the confidence to stay focused on the task at hand.

  • Runtime – 2.5 Hrs (High), 12 Hrs (Low)
  • 500 Lumens (High), 85 Lumens (Low)
  • 7000 Candela (High), 1050 Candela (Low)
  • Battery size – CR123A
  • Battery type – Lithium Primary
  • Water Penetration Rating – IPX7
  • Multi-function push-button head switch easy to use with gloved hands
  • High-impact, super-tough nylon polymer with textured grip
  • Offers a variety of mounting positions
  • Variety of attachment methods
  • Also available in USB form

MicroStream USB

A powerful 4-inch aluminum flashlight that fits in the palm of your hand and doesn’t compromise on brightness. Put this light in your pocket or clip it to the brim of your hat and have light wherever you go. This personal light was made to travel with its USB rechargeable port built right into the light, so you’ll always have a beam when you need it.

  • 250 lumens in a compact 4-inch design
  • 250 Lumens (High), 50 Lumens (Low)
  • Runtime – 1.5 Hrs (High), 3.5 Hrs (Low)
  • 1150 Candela (High), 250 Candela (Low)
  • Water Penetration Rating – IPX4
  • Rechargeable
  • Battery Size – Proprietary
  • Battery Type – Lithium Ion
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Colour – Black

ProTac EMS

The ProTac EMS provides the optimal non-glare light for pupil and wound examination. Ideally powered by always available AA batteries, this compact 4-inch flashlight is an ideal light for emergency medical technicians, paramedics and ambulance personnel.

  • 50 Lumens (High), 10 Lumens (Med), 4 Lumens (Low)
  • Runtime – 1.5 Hrs (High), 36 Hrs (Low)
  • 1450 Candela (High), 230 Candela (Low)
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Battery size – AA
  • Battery type – Alkaline
  • Compact 4-inch design that clips to your pocket
  • Durable aluminum
  • High/Medium/Low modes
  • Colour – Blue

Enduro Pro USB

A low-profile lightweight USB rechargeable headlamp that delivers exceptional performance. Cover a variety of tasks – spot beam for distance, and a flood beam for area illumination that won’t tire your eyes. High, Medium and Low modes give you a variety of options for more brightness and extended runtimes.

  • Battery life – 6.25 Hrs (High), 19 Hrs (Med), 48 Hrs (Low)
  • 200 Lumens (High), 90 Lumens (Med), 25 Lumens (Low)
  • 200 lumens and 91m beam
  • 45 degree tilting head
  • Choose low spot mode for 48-hour runtime
  • IPX4 water resistant
  • USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery charges in 4 hours
  • 2080 Candela (High), 890 Candela (Med), 250 Candela (Low)
  • 2m impact resistance tested
  • Battery Size – Proprietary
  • Battery Type – Lithium Polymer
  • Tough thermoplastic construction with unbreakable lens
  • Colour – Yellow

Vantage II – Gallet Mount

The Vantage II is the next generation of reliable hands-free lighting tools. It’s compact, powerful, shock-proof and virtually indestructible! The lightweight, compact, low-profile design securely attaches to Gallet helmets and features a blue taillight LED for visibility in smoke.

  • Runtime – 2.25 Hrs (High), 5 Hrs (Low)
  • 3500 Candela (High), 1700 Candela (Low)
  • Battery Size – CR123A
  • Battery Type – Lithium Primary
  • Colour – Black
  • IPX7 waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Lightweight at under 3 ounces
  • 350 Lumens (High), 135 Lumens (Low)