Venari Group invests in machinery to increase capability and capacity

Venari Group  has invested £400,000 in new machinery in an effort to advance its manufacturing quality, ability and capacity.

Following a successful launch into the emergency services market in early 2020, Venari has bought the automated equipment in a bid for growth, amid the challenges brought on by COVID-19.

The significant investment represents a CNC router – capable of precisely cutting sheets of metal from CAD drawings – as well as press brakes and edge banders. The equipment will allow Venari to fulfil high-quality production finishes over large quantities, without outsourcing production. For example, it will see Venari’s experienced team manufacturing ambulance ‘box bodies’ from raw material, whilst driving significant improvements in light-weighting, which has huge environmental impacts.

Venari equipment investment

Customers will also experience reduced costs and lead times – and it will lead to subsequent drives in local recruitment.

Venari CEO, Oliver North, commented: “We’re in the midst of the most challenging economic period that many of us have faced in our careers to-date, but nevertheless – we must move forward. The recent challenges in the global supply chain means that maximal self-sufficiency is key, to ensure that we can maintain production for our emergency services throughout their most challenging period.

“We’re also more acutely aware that we must manufacture more in the UK than ever before, to drive employment and economic recovery as much as possible, and this investment shows the respect we have for our market and the economy as a whole. We’re satisfied that we’re doing ‘our bit’ in assisting economic recovery.”

As a key supplier to the UK’s emergency services, Venari has been one of few manufacturers to maintain production during the Covid-19 lockdown – concentrating on ambulance deliveries to the NHS – whilst maintaining maximum protection for its workforce.

Oliver finished: “Since the Covid outbreak, our team at Venari has taken strides forward in culture, togetherness and sheer work ethic. To now back up this unrivalled passion we have for manufacturing, with an increase in self-sufficiency and capability, moves us in front of our continental European rivals, which is no mean feat. And to be able to compete with global industry leaders, means we can prove a strong case to manufacture all taxpayer-funded assets right here in the UK.”

The news follows the recent announcement of a new equipment department.

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