Venari Partners With Heliguy To Develop Drone Support Vehicle

Venari has partnered with Drone specialist heliguy™ to develop a dedicated UAS support vehicle.

The custom modified Ford Ranger has been specifically designed for enterprise drone operations to facilitate streamlined and efficient deployment.

Catering for a variety of UAS applications, it will include a suite of integrated features such as built-in battery charging stations, command control, safety equipment, weather station, drone storage, and counter-UAS.

A DJI Dock – pictured below – can be added, enabling operators to benefit from an innovative drone in a box solution for autonomous and remote deployment.


Rear View of the Drone Response Vehicle


The vehicle is also modular, catering for an array of drone platforms and ensuring it is a futureproof solution which can be adapted as requirements change.

Through the partnership, heliguy™ and Venari will collaborate with drone programmes to help them develop their own dedicated UAS support vehicles.

Ben Shirley, Training and Counter-UAS Development Manager, said: “We are excited to move this project forward by partnering with a vehicle manufacturer as prestigious as Venari.

“As drone programmes scale and the industry continues to mature, there is increased demand for a dedicated transport solution which specifically caters for the unique operational requirements of UAS deployment.

“A versatile, purpose-built, all-in-one vehicle which keeps equipment safe and secure and ready to go when required will greatly support drone teams in their work and ensure they can conduct their missions efficiently and confidently.

“Every aspect of UAS operations has been considered in the designs, facilitating rapid and enduring operations. Combining the expertise of heliguy™ and Venari, we have created a formidable addition to benefit any UAS operator, including those with complex and multifaceted operational requirements.

“heliguy™ strives to innovate the drone industry: Our in-house R&D lab has already created solutions such as a collision-proof drone cage, and our partnership with Venari is another example of us driving UAS operations forward.”



Venari CEO, Oliver North, added: “heliguy™ has always been seen as the pinnacle of drone expertise by us here at Venari, and as drones continue to become more prevalent in the emergency services we’re seeing exponential requests for dedicated drone vehicles – making our partnership very organic.

“At Venari, we always refer to manufacturing ‘the right tool for the right job’ ensuring the front line emergency operator stays as effective as possible with the ultimate goal of preserving life. So with the best drone vehicle configuration possible, built to the highest standard, whilst utilising the best drone professionals in the industry, we remain efficient with our mutual, ultimate objective of saving life.

“We’re confident that Venari and heliguy™ will prove to be an unrivalled ally to emergency services’ drone teams.”