Ziegler’s Z-Class hybrid set for power surge in UK with Venari

With Ziegler Group’s recent announcement of the electrification of the Z-Class – with the new Z-Class Hybrid – the UK aviation firefighting market now prepares for what will be the biggest step up in vehicle relevance for decades, managed exclusively in UK and Ireland by Venari Group.

Z6 hybrid

The world-class Z-Class, incorporating Scania Euro 6 diesel engine, was first launched in 2020 by Ziegler. Following Covid delays and restrictions, it was launched to the UK’s Airport Firefighting Officer’s Association (AFOA) in 2021, at Venari’s Yorkshire-based headquarters.

In the weeks prior to the UK launch, the Z-Class completed a UK-wide demonstration and a brief stint on duty to provide cover for Air Force One’s arrival and departure at the G7 summit in Cornwall.

Since the comprehensive trials and subsequent praise, the Z-Class has since become a desired significant purchase for numerous airports, in-line with the re-invigoration of international travel.

With emission-free airside objectives at the forefront of every UK airports’ agenda however, a ‘green’ Z-Class, therefore, always led discussions. Ziegler and Venari subsequently answered the call, and the Z-Class Hybrid is here.

Venari Group CEO, Oliver North, said of the launch: “The Z-Class Hybrid was always going to lead the line for the Z-Class range here in the UK, with such understandably stringent emission targets that our airports have to meet.

“As electric drive train technology becomes more sophisticated, so too do configuration options. The Z-Class Hybrid – with its comprehensively proven, tried and tested drivetrain technology – ensures airport fire services can operate emission free on full electric power. In the eventuality of a large-scale incident that requires more power for a longer duration of time than what only electric can endure, the hybrid engine provides the insurance required to ensure an incident of the greatest severity can be attended without compromise.

“When it comes to an operation where every single second counts, the Z6 Hybrid really comes into its own. The electric motor and combustion engine accelerate the vehicle, to its top speed without competition. Here, the values are on a par with an 8×8 chassis with diesel drive.”

Venari Z6
Hybrid drive train

The first UK airports to order the Z-Class Hybrid will be announced this year, with production slots already booked in.

John Purdy, Venari Group firefighting division’s sales manager, added: “Since we launched the brilliant Z-Class to AFOA here in 2021, the machine has become the clear favourite ARFF to specialist operators. Now, with the increases in operational performance that the hybrid drive train offers, it’s time to raise our own bar that bit higher again.

“With an unarguable increase in quality and safety, now emission free, and at a more competitive price point than its peers, I genuinely feel excited to be able to facilitate an increase in operator safety and capability whilst hitting new heights in airports’ emission targets.”

To book a demonstration of the new Z-Class Hybrid, contact the Venari team on